The Blunier's

I had the privilege of taking these darling kids' pictures the other evening. I was not worried a bit about having grouchy or uncooperative kids, if you know them you would agree. They are always so well behaved and cooperative! {Roxy what is your secret!?} :) 
Rachel is 6 months old and was probably the easiest six month old I've ever taken. Just sat there and gave us the most darling smile wherever we set her.

Nick is Tucker's little Birthday buddy, they were born on the same day (and in the same hospital) two years ago! Another dolly!

And for further proof of the kiddos doing so well, this is the very first family picture I snapped...
pretty good I'd say!!

Thanks Roxy and Randy for letting me capture your darling little family! :)


  1. me too! @olivia blunier
    Great Shots Kel :) {Roxy-I LOVE your shirt!}


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