Sweet October!

{Just a fore warning: this post is chuck full of pregnant hormonal & fall awe inspired ramblings... you have been warned!}

I can very easily say that fall is my absolute favorite season in the whole wide world!
This may have something to do with the fact that the last couple days have been absolutely beautiful and evenings even more awesome. But really, it is. :-)

I know farmers wives everywhere are rolling their eyes and sighing at me {sorry mom} but growing up as a kid of a farmer just makes  it even better. Being able to take my kiddos out to the field during harvest makes me happier than a marshmallow between two graham crackers!

And of course God chooses to enhance an already marvelous season with the most gorgeous golden sunsets.
I'm in a fall time high over here, you'll have to excuse me! :)

I love this picture... a typical supper in the fields.
The trusty farmer's wife smiling ever so sweetly at the young grandchild who has just run up to greet her, as she dishes up more dinner for the starving {and may I add, spoiled} farmers. hehe...

I love how boys are just great buddies regardless of age.
Also... the boy on the left was running the auger wagon this particular evening- and did a fine job, but had me a bit concerned. Are we sure we can let 5 and 6 year old's do such things... because that's how old Colby still is,  right??!! Wah.

We've been spending most of our evenings at home and outside. I love it! 
Our street is full of neighbor kids running around playing together and supper has been pushed back to about 6:30 just because we're in no hurry. This weather can really stay put for about 2 more months I'd say! :-)

{Insert hormonal sappy mom...}
Tonight I went to my uncles and took some 2 year pictures of Tucker! The land is beautiful, the sun was beautiful, Tucker was in a great mood and did awesome!! It was so much fun to go through them all. I couldn't stop smiling at his little expressions and grins and laughs and cheeks and crooked teeth. I know all too soon he is going to loose his chubby cheeks, his bleach blonde will probably darken, his broken crocked teeth will be replaced with straighter ones {let's hope!}... anyhow, needless to say I was thrilled he cooperated so well!!
Here are just a couple, I'll have a full "Tucker's two" post next week! ;-)

 {after hearing the combine approach he gasped... "PA-PA!!!"}

and a quick picture I grabbed on them on the way out.
The whole way home, even through town, was like one huge picture. I wish I was better at landscape photography... there's just no way I could begin to capture how awesome God's creation is!!


  1. oh kelly, you hormonal one. i love all the pictures. tucker looks so big and darling.:)

  2. Completely agree with you. There is something about growing up as a kid of a farmer. Nothing better ;)

  3. He did great! :) See all the worries, he had to show you!

  4. Love this post! ( as I do all of them) and for some reason, my attitude is much better this fall! (thanks to God for much grace) :):)


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