To Tanner's, To Tanner's

This labor day my mom and sisters and our kiddos went to Tanners Orchard for the day.
The kids loved it!!
Nervously feeding the goats...

 Poor Brooklyn. I thought she would be just fine on a pony by herself while I walked by Tucker... well, they put them on pony's on opposite sides of each other. SO before we started moving, her pony got a little antsy and she started crying "I don't want to ride the pony anymore!!" 
I guess I shouldn't always assume she can everything by herself. 

Tucker, on the other hand, loved it! And could have cared less if I was on the other side of the tent. 
(although he probably would have fallen off from excitement!)

{Ang made it halfway around and got tired so mom got on and rode the kids around a while!} tehe

The cider barrel train was probably all of the kids' favorite!! Tucker didn't want a thing to do with riding with someone else! And I think his little wheel got spun more during his ride than it ever has before; he thought he was hot stuff!! 
{And kept leaning over looking at the tires making me a little nervous}

We ended with the corn maze and a little shopping and doughnut & turnover eating before heading home!

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