August everydays...

Going through my pictures today and realizing that, despite the heat, we have been playing outside a lot lately. Not feeling very rambly today. 
{probably because Brooklyn has done enough fussing to make up for any amount of talking lately}
sigh. If anyone has this parenting thing figured out please send me a memo!

A stray... hope he doesn't have any infectious disease or anything!

{what happens when daddy gets in his truck to leave}

Our favorite time of the day.. when daddy gets home. 
Maybe I can convince him to go in at 6 so he can be home earlier!! :-)

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  1. The one of Tucker crying when his daddy leaves look very familiar! We get that here too. :) And our favorite time of day is the same as yours. There is nothing better than when Daddy gets home. :) Love seeing your photos and hearing about your family. XO


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