Happy Love Day!

There has recently been a very sad turn of events that has hit fairly close to home for me.
It's made me really think about what is most important.
God's Love!
How he selflessly gave his only son to come to a world that needed saved and go through ridicule, hate, rejection, beatings, and eventually hang on the cross and bear our sins. The "smaller" sins of some... the "bigger" sins of others, but all sins that keep us from our God. 

I think what's been on my heart is that Christ did it all and would have done it all for one sinner.  There are people hurting so bad in one way or another, never feeling much love, feeling rejected, never feeling good enough, searching in the wrong places for love and acceptance.  And what brings tears to my eyes is when I think that many don't know about Christ, don't understand what he did for them and his love for them and his desire for them to come to him!

I've felt very convicted how I take my relationship with God for granted and get busy with stuff, pushing our relationship back a bit, and not having the gratitude and sharing the hope i have that so many people long for.

So today, I'm so thankful for God's Love!
And praying for ones that don't know it.

Also pretty thankful for my two kiddos who mean the world to me! 
And for my hubby who has to put up with me! :)

Happy Valentines day to you!


  1. your words are exactly right - thanks for reminding us all what is the most important LOVE:):)

    i think your kids are pretty cute, too:)


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