Jump - Turn

Brooklyn has been pestering me about playing a game on my phone.

Paper toss - no
toddler lock - no
draw something - no 
matching game - no

"I want you to get a new game on your phone, the jump, turn one!"

After days of thinking and finally talking about it with my Aunt Trish, we figured out she wanted Temple Run!

Oh what sad, first world, 21st century problems my child has. 

 Glad the silly app was on the android market, and free!

She is officially better at it than me.
And I'm sure it's good at teaching her coordination or something, right??!

Also, it is still referred to as the jump, turn game. (What's temple run??!?)

Looking forward to getting 4 packages this week! I much prefer ordering online and getting the packages at my door for free! (or maybe I'm just sick of hauling my kids out in the cold just to find out i got the wrong size diapers at Target and Tuckers jeans he is in desperate need of were not on sale in the store)

Either way, I hope the UPS deliverers feel as loved as they really are....


  1. LOVE packages! just got my Kohl's today:)

  2. This is funny. And I completely agree with you about shopping online...love it!



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