Merry Christmas!

This past weekend we already got a start on our celebrations. Our family did make it out okay, however they got here Friday morning instead of Thursday night because of the weather (spent the night a couple hours out)

Brooklyn had so much fun with her cousin Carla, they both even slept in Brooklyn's bed! (oh to be young again!)  We enjoyed some time together playing games and of course eating. Our first Christmas was Saturday night and it was great. :) So thankful to have everyone there and healthy!

Tucker loves his cousin, Summer, he'll go up and stand beside her so proud/protective and they both give each other hugs and kisses. It's so cute!

I spy my goofy child....

And... couldn't leave out this dandy of Tucker boy. He walked around with Brooklyn's new pop gun and a chapstick hanging out of his mouth for about 10 minutes! What a crack-up.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!! Celebrating the greatest gift that was ever given!

front of our card this year

back of card


  1. I love the picture of grandpa Knecht and all of the kids! priceless!!!


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