Food, Family, and Flu

Most of our Christmas get together's are over. We had a great week. We started with our little Family Christmas on Christmas eve, and celebrated with my family on Christmas day. Then Wednesday night and Thursday morning our kiddos both got the flu. So we did miss the big Blunier shindig Thursday night. Tucker recovered pretty quickly but when Brooklyn gets sick, she gets sick! We dodged the ER (again) and thankfully kept her hydrated somehow! They are both feeling better now which we are very thankful for. Here is a picture  bomb of our week. Pardon the bad lighting and coloring, i refused to use my flash at nighttime indoors, so i got what i got. 

Our two gifts we didn't have to wrap :)

Tucker wanted nothing to do with sitting still and getting another picture taken.

Her new backpack, we also gave her a play pizza. Tucker didn't care much about his gift, a coat, since there was wrapping paper.

Christmas morning. One of his favorite gifts... a light up ball. cost:$1

Sweet little Madison girl, started crawling at our Christmas!

Tucker and papa

Brooklyn's new apron from Grandma Livy. I tried it on but it didn't fit me..... so i hung it on my fridge :)

Picture of their grandkids, might have been a favorite. :)

So thankful for time with our families and healthy kids again! Looking forward to a couple more get-together's this year. How was everyone else's week? Lots of plans? Any sick kiddos? Tis the season i guess.


  1. we loved our time together, and were thankful they didn't get sick until after!! only wish they never would have at all!!!

    and, yes, the picture was a definite favorite!!!

  2. so sweet. your pics are great. :)


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