It feels like Christmas now!  Family and friends are making their way back to IL from Ohio, California, and Pennsylvania. There is finally some white on the ground. And the presents are all finally wrapped and under the tree. (Now probably isn't the best time to wonder if I should have gotten more for the hubs and the kids! -less is more i guess) :)
 he loves watching the kids outside, and their dog. These huge windows are priceless at this age!

It's so fun to see our girl share our excitement about things, especially during the holidays. We are keeping the Hubs' sister and her family (8 in all) and Brooklyn cannot wait to have a sleepover with some of her cousins! 

They are actually on there way now, a five hour drive. If you think of it you can say a little prayer the weather cooperates and they get here okay! 
Brooklyn is also looking very forward to opening all of her presents and keeps reminding me that on Christmas she gets to! I decided to put picture tags on the presents this year so she knows right where hers is. I've been trying to remind her of what Christmas really is and why we really celebrate (cue the nativity we bought for her last year) but she seems a little more preoccupied with the fact that "Mary is not a mom, she is a little girl like me!" -I guess "little people" made Mary a little too youthful looking. 

That girl, she cracks us up lately. Makes for some entertaining stories. Tucker on the other hand is a ball of energy! That kid is 100 miles an hour with nothing on his mind but what he can get into. We hear a lot how much he looks like my brother, Dana. I'm a little worried that his personality is also a lot like Dana! I don't mean it bad, Dana's really got a great, outgoing personality. But him (and his girlfriend) are the first to admit that he's a little.... ADHD. Can't. stop. moving. :) Today Tucker unraveled the toilet paper *yet again*. -something Brooklyn never did...I believe she was the odd child.

he's actually been playing with his toys today too! Yahoo!!

He is so much fun though and I wouldn't change a thing about him. Goofy boy.

Looking forward to family tonight! And maybe more snow. Just a little. Not too much that it stops planes and cars. 

the lights are flickering as I type this...
Get cozy!!


  1. And again this reminds me somuch of my kids!!! we have called landon the human tornado he's been getting into EVERY thing lately!!;)- Marla

  2. Hope your company made it safe and sound!! Sounds like lots of fun!

  3. Umm that above comment was me...Miranda :)


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