August and September

I always get a bit behind on our personal pictures during the busy fall season. I also feel like I don't take as many pictures of everyday moments when I'm doing so many other sessions. Just playing a bit of catch up this morning instead of paying bills... (because, priorities.) 

August brought school back in session. Brooklyn started 2nd grade and is having another great year; so thankful for that! We headed to our lake to get the last of the summer sun, and also enjoyed a few Sunday evenings relaxing, fishing, and spending time with whatever other family was there too. 

Tucker started preschool two afternoons a week at ECNS this year and he has LOVED it! So glad we decided to do it. Sage isn't sure what to do with herself the few afternoons he is gone. 

This kiddo loves to help me bake. Here he is making his dad a pumpkin pie for his Birthday!

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