Tucker boy | 5 years

Hard to believe my sweet and spunky little guy is 5 years old! 
He loves to agrivate the tar out of his sisters, loves to help me bake and play with his play kitchen, loves anything with an engine, is never. in. a. hurry. ever. His eyes and whole face light up when he's happy, his imagination is seriously impressive, self entertains like a pro, he could play with a single toy for hours, loves books on cd, music and singing, and pretty much just radiates joy!
This kiddo is the most sincere and loving guy. He will be the one who says "I love it when you make us yummy supper mom", or "mmm you smell good mom". He has me wrapped around his finger for good and I love him like crazy. 

I grabbed a few 5 year pictures of him finally as it has been beautiful out!!

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