4th of July Weekend

I finally got around to going through my massive amount of photos from our Fourth of July weekend! From friday afternoon till monday evening there was a steady coming and going from our family lake. We celebrate together with the Blunier family every year and there is never a lacking of fun and entertainment. It was a bit chilly this year, and even misty rain Sunday evening but that didn't stop the kids from swimming or the corny jokes from being told!

If only life had a soundtrack, this post would sound something like this:

**Laughter comes from around the campfire while a splash is heard from some kiddos still lingering in the lake... crickets are chirping in the distance and the chorus of frogs and toads is beginning to be heard... a firework is set off at random while tent zippers are opening and closing on the hillside... the lull of talking gets less and less until there are only a few voices heard around the now small circle at the campfire... an occasional round of soft laughter rings out, and in the distance a coyote howls...**

Up and at em' for 4th of July breakfast! 
I believe we are now up to 12 dozen eggs prepared on a large skillet over the campfire!

Two chipper girls who volunteered themselves for a picture (going on a limb and saying they weren't campers...)

fish in a bucket.

snapshots of mystery man...

Sagey was loving on Diesel for quite some time!

Emerging into the public for the parade.

We had a blast with these bumper balls this year!

This year Phil made backstraps for lunch on the 4th and it was voted in as a tradition that must be continued. :)

A small crowd waiting ever so patiently for the next batch...

Tucker had something stuck in his shirt that stung him a few times... nurse Beth to the rescue :)

Jake and Mary held a watermelon eating contest this year, Teresa ended up winning the contest... and the rest of us enjoyed the entertainment! :)

Phew,  that's all I've got!  Thanks for the opportunity to celebrate, America!! 

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