march everydays

Well, so far the weather in March has been nicer than the weather we've been having in April. Big old spring teaser. I am absolutely loving all the green coming up out of the ground and the flowers and trees starting to bloom. The older I get the more I notice it.  Thought I'd post some pictures from our March so I don't get behind! :)

goofball child...

Please never leave me little boy! 

We seriously need to do something with her poor hair. :) It's usually looking a lot like this...

Super blurry, but super sweet! 
Cousin love.

This kiddo loves bananas. He also loves pretending to be a monkey when he eats them. Whatever,  it's healthy!

Brooklyn all ready for her Easter program! 

This year I decided to get the kids an easter egg dying kit. Lucky for me its some new method thing where they just put the egg in a bag, add a few drops of dye, and squish it around for a bit. They loved it and it was mess free.

Good old books on cd. They will sit there and replay it 5 times and then re-sight it throughout the day. :)

Happy April!

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