splendid Spetember

I'm starting to think September may be the very best month of them all. Not too hot, not too cold, harvest is starting, getting into a school routine...
Summer still feels like it's hanging on just a bit longer, yet winter still seems far off. I kinda became un-inspired to take a picture every single day just to take a picture every single day, but I'm finding I still have a nice recording of the month. :)

Sageys latest obsession: looking at pictures

The memory game! (I'm still not good at it)

Having his buddy over.

pants optional.
...because we're classy like that...

Hope I washed her feet before bed... but i don't really remember doing it.

Farmyard tales in the sunlight.
Without a shirt... i promise i get these kids dressed sometimes...

Missed focus but didn't miss the moment.

Removed our ugly dated storm doors and painted our doors urban bronze.
Something we wish we would have done 8 years ago!

 The kids like to have me trace them so they can decorate themselves, Sage wanted in on the action too.

Again with the pictures..

Again with the eyelashes and chubby fingers, this time closer...

Always, always can make him smile like this. Stay happy forever Tucker-boy.

These two playing their last day together before the Kups moved across country. 
I get a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes when I look at this picture but I think this is my favorite one of these two!

An apple

a day

..makes her one happy girl!

They are pretty lucky to have each other. :)

Ahhh, harvest.
I had a free afternoon with a certain little boy spending the day in the fields with papa.

And I paid for that free time when I picked him up...

He decided to make the best of it though and has been playing harvest ever since.
(seriously, he is currently doing beans on our coffee table, just unloaded the bean head and the auger wagons are waiting to be filled...)

Singing; probably Jesus loves me or Happy Birthday.

Braids + an apple shirt = school
apparently we were early this day ;-)

Great Sage! You just have a few spots behind you, then come into the living room and I'll show you how to wash these windows.

 Homecoming day, Grandparents day, twirl in your dress day.

And we end September on the counter coloring a book whilst a cinnamon cider candle burns in the background....

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