soaking up summer

07.18.15 Here was the day we got back from vacation... this little girl was thrilled to be able to run around outside!

07.19.15 no rest for the weary...

07.20.15 not happy about something or other.

07.21.15 this boy.. I'll take ten more just like him.

07.22.15 first day of tumbling!

07.23.15 I think what he would want to tell you about this picture is to look at his new baseball shirt!
I can't wash it quick enough.

07.24.15 daddy reading her books, bonus point if there are animals in them...

07.25.15 naughty and she knows it.

07.26.15 Im going to miss having this one around all day everyday.. :(

07.27.15 little giggle box. :)

07.28.15 tea party with her friends!

07.30.15 give a boy some water....

08.01.15 there are countless things I love about this picture... they were free falling down our driveway, such creative children ;-)

08.02.15 Daniel got our ancient phones all out and the kids had a hay day!

08.03.15 all things baseball.

08.04.15 chalking it up. (we do awesome keeping her hair tangle free...)

again with the baseball...

08.05.15 being a dolly

 08.06.15 eating breakfast... probably taken about 11:00. We will have a rude awakening come school mornings. 

08.07.15 getting done swimming at the lake... our second home lately.

08.08.15 Sageys sweet nap hair.

08.09.15 first piggy tails :)

08.10.15 zoo with cousins!
Tucker told me this morning "I don't feel good" I asked him what didn't feel good and he replied "well, when I don't see giraffes, I don't feel good."
When we got to the giraffes later he informed me he felt better now....
That kid, I don't even know where he comes up with this stuff.


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