in the good old summertime

I'm doing a lousy job at getting pictures onto my computer, edited, and posted. So I needed to play a little bit of catch up. Get ready for an overload!

05.27.15 walking around squeaking this horribly annoying horn...

tub time

I now let her climb on our little wall because I'm too lazy to get her down every time she gets up.
 But she still knows she shouldn't which is why she has this look of glee on her face....

05.28.15 last day of Kindergarten!

06.01.15 google goggle season.

06.02.15 the part of his story when he "pulled back the bow and..."

06.03.15 sweet child of mine.

06.04.15 baby in a field of wild flowers (means: run!)

06.06.15 papa and grandma Livy shmoosing on Sage. 
{this computer obviously doesn't know legitimate words when it sees them... shmoosing!?! c'mon.}


06.09.15 swimming lessons!
Tucker was great at floating... he could lay like this forever. Diving for rings, however, was not his specialty.

I was impressed when they jumped off the diving board and swam to the side at the end of day one!

06.10.15 got a new battery in the jeep after not working for a year or two. Merry Christmas kiddos Tucker.

06.11.15 miss busy body!

06.12.15 After the monsoon of rain this particular mooring, these two joined all the neighbor kids in the lake/ditch.

06.14.15 what a kid.

06.15.15 playing catch with dad.

06.16.15 peek-a-boo!

playing the "roll ball game" with Brooklyn.

 Daddy's home; time to wrestle.

And last but not least, with all this rain we've been getting were glad we can still get out every now and then and play!

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