April everydays

04.05.15 Easter Sunday {three cheers for an extra minute to spare before church!}

 04.06.15 I bet every operator wishes they could work in their jams.

04.07.15 Duck feet are good for kitchen skating.

 04.08.15 cousin buddies {note: Sage is a shorty}

04.09.15 a few things to note here...
a. how dirty my kitchen floor is.
b. her little squat.
c. how she loves swiping my beloved water bottles and whistling with the straw.

 04.10.15 lego creations

 04.11.15 Sagey behind the wheel {yeeks}

04.12.15 trying to teach this one how to properly wash his hands because he may need to do it a few times this summer....

 04.13.15 I'm sure her words were "ooooof oooof" -everything barks.

 04.14.15 Tucker is completely infatuated with big boys! Bless their hearts for putting up with him.

 04.15.15 The new baseball gloves go everywhere.

04.16.15 Of course the boy finds dirt somewhere....

04.18.15 A rare moment when she's not running like a wild one outside.

 04.19.15 Sunday afternoon laziness listening to Billy Goats Gruff.

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