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We've had a somewhat slow-paced and sick start to 2015. But pretty good nonetheless. Daniel and I had our 8th anniversary on the 7th. {what?!? - where does the time go} I had to chuckle as I picked up chili's to-go that evening...  Daniel was home with a thrown out back and recovering from the stomach flu with Tucker who had a fever that we found out later that week was strep. Sage had pink eye and an apt with a pediatric urologist that afternoon, and Brooklyn came along feeling pretty good after fighting off an ear infection the weekend before. whew. What a poor bunch we were. Very thankful to have an anticipated trip to Naples, FL this winter!!

The kiddos are getting a bit stir crazy lately; I just heard Tucker whining at the window as the UPS man drove by.. "ohhh man! We didn't get a package!" 

What can I say, he gets that disappointment honest.

He also won quote of the day yesterday when he hopped in our bed at 7am and said
"Get me breakfast..... I'm running out of steam!"
???!? Where does he come up with this stuff?!

Little Sage poo (or S.P. as her daddy so lovingly has been calling her) has been keeping plenty busy eating crumbs off the kitchen floor, getting into the kids' toys, and standing up, walking along, and letting go of furniture and people. Especially me. I have a little leech on my leg every time I make supper that says "mamamamamama".... It's not very conducive to supper production but I kinda love it.

She's got the other kids trumped in the eyelash department. Rivals their length, but hers also curl perfectly up her chubby crazy-hair brow.

Those chubby thighs are just as squishable as they look. An added bonus: I get the most honest belly laugh from her when I squeeze them. 

Also, my computer just told me squishable isn't a word. 

Her two bottom teeth decided to make an appearance a week or two ago. However I'm not so sure they are much of a game changer as she's pretty much mastered eating and chewing everything with her gums. Strong little things I tell ya!

And this girl just announced that there are one hundred and ninety two days until her Birthday.
.... she also has the countdown for vacation and Sage's Birthday if you are interested...
She is kind of the main scheduler and delegator in the house at the moment, and also the second mother to Sage. She feels quite grown up when she carries her around on her hip, which looks about how you'd imagine a skinny five year old carrying a chubby eleven month old to look... Not safe. And also not allowed. But I guess I lost her in translation on that one...

Daniel and I attempted painting our hallway and bedroom this past saturday with the three kiddos home. I'd say about 40% of it got done between 8am-8pm and the other 60% got done after the kids were in bed. We won't be doing that again for a very long time. On a positive note, Brooklyn and Tucker took turns channeling their inner Michelangelo only to have it... "what!!?? mom you painted over my paint!!" 

Well anyway, there was a rambley bit of our 2015 so far. :)

I've been particularly thankful for the kid's good health and grins and giggles.
And also for free Verizon to Verizon calls.... and a hubby who doesn't bat an eye at my hour long chats with friends. :)

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