December everdays

We're long overdue on a regular blog post. Not a whole lot of action around here. (unless you count Brooklyn and Tucker during Sage's nap time, because in that case there is way too much action)

Sage is slowly moving around a little more. she still scoots most of the time (and still uses the same big toe and arm) We've seen her crawl a few steps on her knees and she's pulling herself up on her knees to play and look out our window. (a big milestone in our house) There is always lots to see out the window! She loves our neighbors dog and like to imitate him. She likes to copy us and plays bashful to daddy at times. (flirt!)

Tucker is getting taller and more grown up each day, still cannot sit still to save his life. We have to threaten to strap him in at mealtime... and occasionally do so. 

 I love the way her long, dark eyelashes curl up around her chubby face.
And unlike her siblings, she has yet to start stretching out and slimming down at almost 10 months. She was only 13% for height and a nice 49% for weight at her 9 month apt. She definitely looks a lot like her mama. The eyes don't lie!

 {excuse me, brother}


 Christmas cards are entertaining the other two again. 

Brooklyn has another day of school and then Christmas break, hard to believe her Kindergarten year is half over.  

We are looking forward to celebrating and spending time with our families the next few weeks. And there are a few large and mysterious presents under the tree that are driving the kids crazy. :) 

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