Sage - nine months

Sage is 9 months old today! She is such a fun age and we love watching her learn and do new things! She is still eating like a champ and is now wanting everything we eat, meat and all, so we're slowly giving in.
 She is still scooting on her belly with the same arm and foot (not alternating arms) - like a wounded soldier, and is still pretty content to sit and play and not getting into too much yet. 
She's really started copying what we say more... mama, dada, uh oh, papa, and her new favorite with a wave, ba-bye. Last week she had her first dr. apt (other than well-visits) and was diagnosed with a UTI. :( poor baby was pretty sick. 
We're excited for her first Christmas, although i haven't gotten her one. single. thing. Maybe a board book and a teether this year?!  Any non toy, creative ideas send them my way. 

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