on the home front.

We've been pretty busy lately, hence the silence of personal posts :)
just going through my photos and thought I'd post some ones that make me smile. 

This guy is loving the guitar lately, usually the pick gets dropped in the hole at least once per concert...

Starting book-it in school means we are getting into the routine of all reading together for a while. I'm thinking right after lunch before Tuckers nap/rest is the best time since my chances of settling him down are higher! The library will be seeing a lot of us this winter I hope!
Sage is 7 months!! What a chub. And a dolly. She says "mamama" for me lots... it's kinda her favorite noise too. - I'm totally calling "first word" on that one. She also likes making different clicking noises with her mouth and knows it's pretty cool to do.  

{standard Tucker face}

 I think he's looking a bit like his daddy here! -yikes

such a smiley, happy, drooly, mamas baby!

Last but not least, this little guy will be three in a week. 
I just love the little stinker like crazy. These are the golden years, thats for sure....
I can see myself looking back at these pictures years down the road and long for my chubby toddlers!


  1. My goodness I see Blake in his standard Tucker face photo. Anyone else see that?
    Love these pics :)


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