My little boy.

Oh goodness. I know last year I said something about stay-two pills for this guy, but this year I really, really mean it when I say we have to find him some stay-three pills. 

I would definitely say we found out from this little booger what the "terrible twos" mean. But even with the nap battles (that have since passed), tantrums, and easily frustrated independence, this guy makes me smile every day! 
He's had quite an eventful year. Ditching paci, moving to the bottom bunk bed from his crib, becoming a big brother, potting training night and day. I guess with all that I can cut him a little slack when he was a stinker ;-)
His eyes still sparkle a totally ornery grin and his giggle melts me every time. His cheeks get my kisses many, many times a day because I can't resist that still chubby face. 
He's been quite timid and likes to hang back by his mama lately, which I don't mind. I asked him the other day if he was going to still come give me hugs and kisses when he's middle school and he said yes.
 I'm totally holding him to that. 

Another last minute, we didn't have plans, the weather was perfect, throw some clothes on him and run out photo shoot. Looks like that might be the best kind for him. 

As much as he's growing up way faster than I'd like, it's so fun to watch him.
So very thankful for our little boy.

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  1. These are the cutest! And I think you captured every face. Except a full out pout:) lol LOVE Grandma Livy


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