weekend with the Wettsteins

This past weekend it finally worked out for us to go stay with my cousins in IA. We love them dearly and it makes me a little sad that they live three hours away and we really don't get to see each other much at all, but it makes time together more special.

Emmy loved to help mother and entertain Sage.

Brooklyn and Olivia. They don't look as much like twins now as they did a couple years ago, but still have a certain resemblance, and had a blast together!

Ice cream on the porch!

My sweet friend :)

Cole loving on Sage. And Al was a good Sage sitter. :)

For those of you who don't know, Al is my cousin on my dads side and Bethany is my cousin on my moms side, so like it or not, they are stuck with me! :) And since I'm obviously not biased, I think their kids are pretty cute too! Bethany had me take some picture of the kids and they did great!
I like to tell Alan to take a good look at Olivia because that is what he would look like as a girl. ;)

We had a great time. Thanks Wettsteins!!


  1. It is so funny to look at sweet little Olivia...my brain is having a hard time processing that this is NOT Al dressed up in pink and curls:) Adorable little girl, actually the whole family is adorable:)


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