the big fat Kindergarten post

You knew it was coming right?!

Brooklyns first day of Kindergarten has come and gone. Not sure how many months we have been anticipating this new season, but she has been very excited about it!
A couple weeks ago me and Daniel took just Brooklyn out one evening for school shopping, dinner, and fro-yo! (my idea on the last one, ahem.) She loved it and anticipated it almost more than the first day of school. Thinking we should maybe try it a little more often with the kiddos.

My biggest fear is the adjustment her sleep schedule is needing with having to wake up at 7:30 or so! She's my child who will so kindly sleep till 10 or after if I let her... not sure why Tucker never got that memo. But we'll figure it out! Wednesday evening we had "meet the teacher" night and I think it was wonderful to see her teacher, room, classmates, etc. before the big day!

She was totally ready and excited the night before school, hardly nervous, and kept smiling and saying "I just keep thinking of my classroom". We got her to bed in good time and after everyone was sleeping I snuck in to give her one more kiss and did a very bad thing to do on the night before your oldest child goes to kindergarten. 

I closed my eyes and remembered the morning she was born.

I remembered seeing her for the very fist time as Dr. Kindred held her up & said "It's a GIRL!" 
And I remembered the look on her daddy's face. 

I remembered the health scare we got two weeks after she was born when i realized how strong and fiercely I could love my baby.

I saw her little 2 year old chubby toddler self riding her little trike back and forth, back and forth on our sidewalk. 

Back when she was our only child.

 And I remembered seeing a positive pregnancy test for baby no.2 and crying for joy, but also a little nervousness because our little girl wouldn't be our "only" anymore.

And I saw her loving on her baby brother, two round faces that aren't that round anymore.

And I wasn't sad {okay maybe a little} but it got me thinking about the future and how fast these school years are going to fly by, and how her 5 year old self, isn't going to be this way for long.... And that got me sad.

And I may or may not have silent-bawled like a baby.

Which was probably a wonderful thing because I got it out of my system for the next day.

My mom graciously came and watched my other two so I could walk Brooklyn into Davenport without feeling like a zoo. I walked her to her teacher, leaned down and told her to have a fun day and goodbye, and she barely looked back as she shy-smiled and followed her teacher to her spot. 

And all morning (all this hoopla and she's really only going half day) I enjoyed the other two and the little extra freedom we had. It will be good. I wasn't sad or even missing her really. She gets to ride the bus home, which she is SO excited to do, and Tucker about bounded on it after she got on. {NOT for a while kiddo}
anyway, without more rambling here is the photo story... should have made a disclaimer to skip to it if you didn't want the sappy drawn out reading... :)


  1. What a beautiful sweet post! Brooklyn, you are so grown up. I love you!!

  2. Ok, maybe I shouldn't have read this post right after giving birth. It's a good reminder to cherish each moment with these precious kiddos because we do only have them for a short time. Glad she was so ready for this new stage :)

    1. yes, probably a bad time for a sappy post. ;) Hope you all adjust ok! He is a dolly!! I have a soft spot for his name, as Tucker could have easily been Beau! :) -Great name! CONGRATS & Love ya!!

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  4. Aw how cute and sad at the same time!! And I am pretty sure she is better dressed than I am. ;)


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