We were able to slow down a teensy bit last week and were able to be home a bit more.
It was a nice little break before the craziness of this week and next set in. And the weather was so beautiful! -couldn't have ordered it any better! 

I snapped a picture on instagram the other evening when the sun was going down and the warm light was shining through the trees in our backyard. It's one of my favorite scenes at our house. And I had to think of the book "My nest is best" where the mama bird decides she is sick of her old nest and goes looking for a new one, only to realize in the end, that despite other nests having some nice things, her old nest really was the best for them! -In other words- a lesson in contentment. :)

"I love my house, I love my nest. In all the world, my nest is best!"

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