We spent some time down at the lake finally this evening.
It makes me (and my kids) so excited to frequent this place all summer long.... it's been a really long winter.

I had to limit myself and only share a few pictures, they were so sweet and real. 
This is our life right now :)

I also took some pictures of my sisters......

HAH! Oooooonly kidding.

Those aren't my sisters, these are my sisters....

...... so i guess maybe that was a couple years ago, like, right before me and Daniel got married.
Wah! I'm old.

I would like to point out the fact that Kate was the same age here as Brooklyn is now....
which makes me a bit upset. uhg. why do things like this happen!!!???!

Either way they are turning into pretty young ladies.

Have a lovely week. 

And don't forget to squish your toddler's cheeks an extra amount, squeeze the breathe out of your preschooler with bear hugs,
 and kiss your babies faces until they fall asleep in your arms.

 Because apparently, they grow up! 

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  1. you are sooo old. yeeks. wrinkle cream?


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