What do chalk, baseball and an angel have in common?!

Nothing really... that's just what we've been up to!

This girl is loving swinging, playing with her neighbor friends, and riding her bike without training wheels! (wahoo)

Oh, and we probably would be better off buying stocks in sidewalk chalk. Were going through it like water!

This boy found a new love recently... 
(however it still may not complete with skidsteers and excavators) 


It's also really cool to wear rain boots work boots and jump off any kind of machinery (or pretend machinery) because that's what papa does!

And this little baby is growing up way to quickly. She loves looking and swinging her arms at toys and cooing and "talking" to anyone who will listen to her.

Here's the angel. She's got squishy kissable cheeks, a very serious face, jabbers like her mom, 
and is two months old today.

Enjoy every bit of your weekend, and feel free to inform me where we can find cheap, bulk, sidewalk chalk!

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