January everydays...

We've been doing a lot of staying home this month. I guess that's pretty normal after a busy December. The kids have had plenty to do to keep them occupied. {for the most part} 
On a normal day Brooklyn will come screaming to me at least once "MOM, Tucker's going to hit me with that..." and he comes running up with a very ornery daring look in his eye just holding whatever it is up to scare her. She doesn't understand that she's feeding his.. whatever it is that makes him like scaring her.
And he does like to hit too....

This weekend we have a nice long to-do list that must be finished. 
(says preggo mom and deadline on monday)
We currently have two empty closets and a bunch of clothes, games & junk all over our house. Hopefully next week once we get the new shelving systems in I'll do a fun "before & after" post.
{because who doesn't like a good before and after}
The OCD part of my brain is doing cartwheels and flips with anticipation.

Have a great weekend!!

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