I want to remember...

The wonderful victorious feeling of watching him fall asleep for a nap....
And his innocent, calm, sleeping self making the daily battle worthwhile!!

How much she loves playing Candy Land & Sorry and how many times a day we play with her...
and how I'll occasionally let her win just so she'll give it a rest.

His ornery-chipped-tooth grin and sparkle in his eyes!
And him forever having bruises and bumps to prove his crazy 2 yr old boy self.

The way he quickly sweetens up, turns his head a bit, smiles and says "Mom, I yove you too" when I'm getting upset at him....

Her constantly wanting pictures with her dolls...

Her bashful giggle that we can still very easily get out of her!

Her well loved monkey who's tag is about worn off from sliding her fingers over.

The evening Daniel got the guitar out for the first time that the kids remember..
and how his song selections quickly went from classic country to the B-I-B-L-E and Jesus Loves me! :)

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