Hold onto your hats I'm going to jump around in this post more than a guy barefoot on hot coals....

 This particular evening, a week or so back, Miranda had an expectation that she was going to a friend's for a Birthday dinner with two others....
she however found out that there were a lot more of us there! Surprise!! 

{the darling table Alissa & Amanda set, and the food was DeLiCioUs!}

Then there is this little guy.
Who's mom was prepared for a disaster photo shoot with an uncooperative child.
He was an angel as you can see. We were done in record time :-)

 Then this evening me and my sis had great plans to take a group shot of our kids.
Lets just say it was a bit harder than we thought but we did succeed! 
Aaand, she thought she'd get some 18 months pictures of Maddie. However, we got a stunning keeper of Kenz instead!!
{did you gasp?? Maybe I'm just a biased aunt!!}

Now, I'm off too bed expecting to be woken up 1,009 times by my poor snoring daughter or son who can't sleep through the freight train apparently.
It would be really nice if my expectations were wrong too.
Just sayin...

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  1. :) surpised out of my socks! well flip flops, I don't think I was wearing socks :) So glad you captured this!


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