Outdoor progress and such...

Our progress on the house is finally taking some decent strides. 
I'm sure you were all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for updates....
Anyhow, we have the wall, stairs, sidewalk, porch, pillar, etc done and most of the landscaping. 
We even got some plants in tonight!
Yay for foliage, I've never been more excited to welcome your presence!  

Now just so I don't kill them...
 {stay alive my sweet little green balls of life!}

other items we've been able to happily check off are new house numbers, new porch light, shutters... which I can honestly say I made completely on my own... and also, do not view them any closer than road distance please!
{hello windows, so nice to see you finally got dressed}

{strategically cropped photo's to emit junk, unfinished stuff, kids and all that...}

So, on the to do list yet:

-finish landscaping
-water and keep alive landscaping
-new front door {hello yellow! Daniel's thrilled....}
-Beef up trim around front door {yuck... I'll give that one to Daniel as we'll have to cut our siding}
-Window boxes... this one will have to be me or it wont happen.
-figure out how to get the same pedestal planter for our column as the Pottery barn's $200 one but for about $40 instead (wish me luck) hah!
-seed the yard! {yay! more life}
-Keep the grass seedling alive...
-get/make a mat, bench, pillows, maybe railing for the porch
-wire and mount/set the lights for the stairs and landscaping... yay for another Daniel job.
-sit on our porch bench and watch the kids in the evenings
-bandage our bleeding wallets

In other news, I came home from a photo shoot tonight and found Lucy with her house...
{see it... it's the mound of dirt with sticks poking up} 

and Pig-Pen....

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Oh, it looks awesome!!! very exciting! (and you have a very CUTE Lucy and Pig-Pen :):)

  2. It looks great! I love the shutters!

  3. You are ambitious! It looks so cute!


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