06|18.19.20 Motrin

Well, the title of this post means nothing besides I am late on my posting and I've read the word Motrin a lot in the past week. 
But we're reading "a-m-o-x-i-c-i-l-l-i-n" now so it's all good
And yes, I had to go get the bottle to make sure I spelled it right!

I've been doing good at taking pictures daily still (so don't fret)
...just bad at posting them

So here's a glimpse of our last couple days....

Brooklyn has swimming lessons this week and had a couple major accomplishments!
1. She got over her fear of google googles {strange fear, I know} may have helped that I bought her some pink ones {eye roll}
2. She puts her whole face/head underwater for quite some time now while swimming!
3. She jumps in without me catching her from the side of the pool.

no. three is because Tucker did first... little stinker! I couldn't believe how obsessed he is with the water. He had his little puddle jumper on and would stand on the side, jump in by himself, go all the way under, and pop back up smiling and not sputtering?!! 
He must be half fish.
Anyways he repeated this 278 times over the course of an hour when we swam.
I got tired of it before him.

Hope you have a grand weekend! If your needing something to do Friday night come up to Relay for Life in Eureka! (at the college)

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