06|16 Dad

Father's Day started out a bit rough this year. 
Up with kids with fevers and colds for over 1/2 the night.
Walmart run at 3am for ibuprofen. 

He earned his Dad of the year award overnight!! :)

Funny thing how they wake up healthy and happy as can be!

My hubby's such a wonderful dad to our kids! 
Works hard for us, loves to help out and spend time with them, and snuggle, wrestle, and all those other "dad" things!

And not only am I lucky enough to have such a awesome dad, but my kiddos get them as their pa-pa!
They love him even when not being bribed with tractor rides or smarties!

{like father like son??!!}

...and two random ya-hoos!

Have a great week!!

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