06|07 Happy|Sad

Tonight was our last night of VBS
... and rushed/thrown together dinners
... and Tucker pushing bedtime 1-2 hours late because he knows how to play a certain lovable daddy.

Brooklyn really enjoyed it (when she wasn't really tired... we had a big week}
She seemed so grown up. Which made me have that random heart-hurt-in-a-good-way/happy-sad-that-she's-growing-up feeling.

I'm coming to grips that contrary to what I thought a year ago, Kindergarten is going to be harder for me than her!

I'm not kidding.
I know, I'm a sappy wimp.
And yes, it's still 14.5 months away.

Not that I'm keeping track, but now that i said it it doesn't seem very long!!

Enjoy every bit of your weekend!!


  1. "I am so happy-sad for their dads cause they looked so cute in their suits" :) remember that, Haha loved the title of your post and while we wait for kindergarten to come I will have to say this...I can't wait for Miss B to be in my class! ;) but I know where you are comong from so i wont wish your time away!

  2. oh kel u r so funny but I totally know where u r coming from!! te first night of vbs Logan was so excited he never gave me a second look n while I-'m so glad I count help but think this is probably how kindergarten will go n idk if I'm ready for that!!! which is why I guess we have 14.5 months to prepare!!;)- marla


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