"pumpkin" the snowman

Tuesday after we got some snow Brooklyn joined Daniel outside shoveling the driveway. They soon decided to make a snowman so I grabbed my camera and took some pictures through the window of Brooklyn's first one! 

However, it soon became apparent that Daniel was forgetting the whole "each ball gets smaller" concept and after it toppling over a few times they gave up and made a measly snow fort. (side note: Brooklyn still had a blast... and I was laughing very hard through the window)  

Fast forward a couple days and I decided to go out and show Daniel how it's done!

I got the fist two balls rolled and sized right, but then i tried to lift it and, well..... it was really heavy.

If you think about it, Daniel went out as it was still snowing. Light, fluffy, easy to lift etc.

Me on the other hand...

 imagine that snow sitting for two days, 
beginning to melt,
heavy from the weight of all the water.

My snowman was definitely more compacted and heavy I'm sure... anyways now it was Daniels turn to laugh from the window and he kept asking if I needed him to come help...

umm.... NO.

Well long story short I'm sure i could have lifted it eventually but I thought it would be fun and different to make a snowman laying down.

... you know, Calvin and Hobbs style. 

I asked Brooklyn what we should name him and she didn't hesitate long and said "Pumpkin"

?!?? Smart girl... a pumpkin is round too.

My back and pride are both a little sore today. :)
Also, I'm going to start working out more frequently....


  1. Hilarious! Great idea, Kelly :)

  2. I am laughing out loud!!!!! Great pumpkin! i totally love it!

  3. If I ever (very rare possibility) was outside long enough in the winter to do a snowman I'll have to remember to do it Calvin & Hobbes style. Cute!

  4. Ummm...your snowman had a blow-out!

  5. You're such a good writer Kel!
    I commend both you and Daniel for getting out in the snow with your kids. I will someday...maybe.


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