Branson vacation!

We just got back Saturday from a week vacation in Branson with my family. 
It rained every single day (they got 16 inches when we were there) 
But the sun also cam out everyday and we still had a great time :)

Kenzie fell and got a cut by her eyebrow the 1st morning. Thankfully our only casualty! 

Photo taken by Brooklyn :)

Tucker loves jumping in, even if his method is a complete belly flop!

Although blurry, i love this picture! Dana was chasing him with his remote car thing.
(I'm sure it has a better name since it wasn't cheap!)

I took both kids tubing with me :) Shockingly they both liked it! 
There is Tucker waving!

Pete and Holly were there a couple days and we met up and mini golfed Friday night.
We hung out in the cave for about 15 minutes to keep dry while it poured!

And our one measly family picture of the trip :)
(Thanks Holly)


  1. What a great crew! Looks so fun--I love family vacations. :)

  2. Boo for rain every day on a vacation, but glad that it was off and on for you too. :) And I love Brooklyn's dress ... another little girl wore it on her vacation too! ;)


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