Brooklyn | eight

Brooklyn Jo turns eight years old today!
 (which means she is halfway to getting her license ) gasp. 

She is my helpful girly, will usually do little jobs or chores when I ask and is a great help with Willow. She HATES chomping or mouth noises while eating and will make everyone miserable if she hears it at our table (I think there is actually a name for this disorder, hah) I am thankful that her and Tucker and Sage can play for hours and get along so well (when they want to) despite gender or age. She is a bookworm and will sit and read a whole chapter book without interruption. My mom, sisters, and I took her to the American Girl Place and ferris wheel in Chicago for her Birthday earlier this week, she had a lot of fun. Our hope is she will remember the trip and time spend together much longer than a toy we could have given her. We love her like crazy. :)

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  1. aww, love these pictures, Brooklyn!! especially the smirk! ha!


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