April + May

I'm finally catching up on our personal stuff and figured I'd back them up on my blog. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of pictures and rambling.

junk in the driveway makes for every boys' dream playground

 Sage learning to ride her bike

I got a bit tired of hunching over and helping her go, so I had Brooklyn take over.

Easter Sunday 

This folks, is what 40 weeks + 5 days looks like. yikes.

Sweet Willow, worth the wait and weight. {hardy-har-har}

3 siblings in love.

special sister bond

Brooklyn and Tucker have been loving baseball lately, I love watching them play together. 

the catcher, who was a bit distracted...

another girl for daddy to spoil. 

oldest and youngest Knecht cousins! Glad we got so see Emily on her quick weekend back.


Daniel sanded down a bench for me for mothers day.. a few hours work that I don't have to do now. He's a keeper!

Stealing my chair..

Caught her putting tar stuff from our driveway on her fingernails... that was fun to get off.

Hope you are all taking notes on our fashionable attire! Hah!

Mother's Day 2017

she's getting pretty good in heels...

Angie graduates #11 in her class.
(I'm sure she was glad not to be in the top 10... we all know she hates to be recognized.... hehe)

Last day of 2nd grade, so thankful for a successful year!

Last day of preschool at ECNS. He loved his teacher and had a great year!

Messy hair, don't care.

We felt very honored to have a visit from Lynn, Ellen, and Laura. Some of the sweetest girls on earth, I love them all dearly. 

Long-time friends!

If you happen into our subdivision on a leisurely sunday drive, you will enjoy quiet rolling hills lined with beautiful trees and a park like setting. Nicely manicured homes greet you as you make your way back to our residence... that is sporting two massive tarps over our chimneys so we don't have buckets to catch the water inside our house when it rains. We like to keep it classy; our poor neighbors. Here is Daniel caulking some of the crumbling mortar on the chimney.. We'll have to wait until the next big rain when he is home so we can unveil the tarps and test out his temporary fix.

Little peanut in the sink, that makes a prefect little tub for her.

And that wraps up our last few months! Hopefully I can keep up with our personal pictures as the summer and fall get filled up with photo sessions! Thanks for sticking through this massive post. :)


  1. I laughed out loud at the tar nails :-) hahahahaha


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