This session has more of a back story than most of my posts, bear with me. :) This is Teresa, my cousin and dear friend. About exactly a year ago she was over one evening and opened up to me that she had joined weight watchers and had a really good first few weeks, but she hadn't really told many people yet. I was so excited with her and told her if she met her goal I would do a photo session for her. And guess what, that is just was this post is! Wohoo!

Over the past year Teresa has inspired many of us with her commitment and dedication. I have loved being able to see her enjoy things that she has been wanting to, reach goals she's been wanting to, and get her physical and mental energy and zest back on the outside like it always has been on the inside! So very proud of this gal!!

Enjoy a few from our session this evening.


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  2. Way to go on a year of following through on goals!!! I can't even stick to goals long enough to lose 3 pounds!! And your pictures are great!

  3. She is a beautiful gal! So proud of her.


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