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I finally got around to editing a few pictures from April, now that May is almost over. But, I find myself looking back at old posts late into the night sometimes, so for my own sake I figured I'd better share. :) Apparently I took a lot of pictures of Tucker this month... I will try to diversify next month. 

Never a dull moment with two second children.

Introducing his helmet, you will see it much more, believe me. 

Taking advantage of her long easy to do hair before we get a summer cut.

again with the helmet... 

make a wish.

Our empty house... thankful for three "sisters" to watch the kiddos while we moved. The kiddos love Winny!

One last scene of the kiddos waving from this window...

We will never forget the wonderful years and memories made in this little house!!

We were so thankful for family to stay with while we were homeless for a few days. Keith and Michelle let us have their entire finished basement and Max took full advantage of a few more hands to scratch him. He also probably got the workout of his life running away from Sage for 3 days...

Thats a wrap! 
So lets see, if April had a cliffs notes version here is what She (he?) would look like. 
(I vote she... she seems kind of moody and temperamental with her weather and all...)

go on sentimental last few walks in old neighborhood
pack entire house up
tucker learns to ride without training wheels
get very choked up when moving truck is backing up to house
move all belongings into new houses garage
sell house
become homeless for a day; but also very finically stable for a day
purchase next house
move the rest of belongings into house

that about sums it up. 

now, onward and forward!

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