bits of November

 Thought it was time to post some of our photos of November. It's definitely starting to feel like winter with the weather, sickies (minor stuff thankfully), and Tucker being bored out of his gourd. (hence the tablet making its debut in the photos below) sigh. I shouldn't complain we've actually had nice sunny weather for the most part! :)

mid jump.

Look out for the crazy lady driver!!

Tucker got to spend this day with his buddy Olen!

And, it wouldn't be an accurate November 2015 post without the snow pictures!!
I'm may be the odd one but i loved it!! (heart eyes...)

Indy with the Grimms. My kiddos look so forward to this!! (who am i kidding, I do to!)

 ice cream for the grouchy pants...

Life is grand when you have papa. 

the end. 
Happy December!! :)

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