October everydays

Very late in posting this, but better late than never right?!
We started off the month celebrating Daniels 40th!! I was able to truly surprise him by getting him his tool chest he's been wanting, so that was fun! :)

October: the month of the amazing sunsets. 
This one was particularly beautiful but by the time I ran home to get my camera and head back to a high spot it was fading.
Still beautiful though.

This one is seeming to grow up too fast lately...

In case you are wondering, this didn't end well.

October 16th brings Tucker's birthday.
Four years old. Love this little guys happy nature!

We were taking some pictures of the kids and for some reason Sage found her buddy and laid on his shoulder for quite some time. lol.

Bubbles and leaves in abundance!

Another bathtub lover.

The kids' first jack-o-lanterns. Thanks to Nicole and Ang.

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