the big fat catch up post

Happy September! Thought it was high time I posted some personal stuff, sorry for the overload!

08.12.15  prolonging bedtime most likely.

08.13.15 transfer from van to crib, my favorite!

 08.14.15 blue stamp? me?? of course not.

08.16.15 One last game with friends before school starts!

08.17.15 Time for full day school! She told me a day or two in "I just want to do half day again." 
Sorry kiddo, you don't have a choice this year. ;) So far she is liking her teacher, first grade, and meeting some new classmates.

She did not want walked in the first day, my little independent child.

08.18.15 Meanwhile, back at the ranch, this boy can either be found A. asking me to play something with him. B. aggravating his little sister or C. showing her how to be loud, crazy and messy.



jumping rope like sister.

08.21.15 Sage discovers the perfect size hole for her chubby finger...

08.23.15 Game with a friend.

08.24.15 Ready to go fishin' with dad!

08.25.15 A year and 1/2 old today!! I think she's getting close to "toddlerhood"....

08.26.15 Why do I have to keep reminding myself that
Kids don't need expensive toys.

Kids don't need a lot of toys.

Kids don't even need ANY toys half the time because there is a free "sandbox" on the side of our road and some old trucks from when Daniel was a kid and they just as soon play in there for three quarters of the day or something else of the equivalent which reminds me to quit trying to dream up some great thing we're going to buy them for Christmas and stick with socks. Merry Christmas children, go play in the snow. {{all run out excitedly}}

for real though...

08.27.15 checking on her butterfly before school.
{see people... a butterfly: free, and an old pickle jar: also free}

08.28.15 I asked her to put her hair up in a pony tail...
"I'm not very good at that, but I'm good at doing a bun!"

08.30.15 These two got to come along to a photo shoot and play with some cousins, they had so much fun!!

08.31.15 Blunier family night at the lake... last day of August calls for a nice swim!

mouse family! **shudder**

no more mousey home.

sand. everywhere. and in the eyes.

That's it for today! :)

And please do not be worried about my children. We'll get them more for Christmas than socks... maybe a new blue stamp??!


  1. "Meanwhile, back at the ranch..." I love it:) Cute post!


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